Hello my lovely readers.

Today I will show you one of my favorites online shop, called UP2STEP. It's a store with a wide range of shoes for almost any occasion.

About the store:

" Up2step hits on the latest trends to seek to the trend-forward shoes much more expensive than their actual price tag, with its a strong range of shoe styles with affordable price and comfortable design. Looking for what kind of shoes fashion girls are wearing now-this is a good place to go-to for both classic and newer shoe, embracing everyone to share and find their own fashion style."

UP2STEP is a store that attracted me with their web design - everything seems so stylish and nicely organized so it is easy to go through categories and find the type of shoes you are searching for. While randomly looking what they have in offer, I came across certain categories that really catched my eye.

My favorites are definitely Stiletto Pumps I like this part because absolutely every single pumps are special in its own way. From some ordinary day variants, to perfect models for night variants. So in love with them!


 UP2STEP has wide range of sizes and also a detailed description of each product so it is easy for any customer to pick their pair. Below the detailed description of each product is also a sizechart and measurement so it is easy to pick your size for each type of shoes. UP2STEP has both standard and priority shipping. Standard shipping (5-12 days shipping time) - less than 40$; 5$ shipping - more than 40$ free shipping. Priority shipping (1-3 days shipping time) - less than 40$; 12$ shipping - more than 60$; 8$ shipping.
Above I picked some products that I really like so let me know in the comments below, which one are your favourite :) To make it easier for you, you can check out Squined sandals on this link: https://up2step.com/featured/sequined-shoes/sequin-sandals  and Silver Glitter Shoes on this link: https://up2step.com/featured/sequined-shoes/silver-glitter-heels



Make sure to check out UP2STEP store for more amazing products!
Kisses, Zrinka :*

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2 komentari

  1. These shoes look good, but it seems to me that they copy the Manolo Blahnik styles. :)


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