Apparel Candy


Apparel Candy is an International website that deals in selling different items at wholesale prices. Be it clothing, shoes, bags, makeup or jewellery, you can find it at the most affordable pricing on Apparel Candy website. Mostly the products are available in bundles of two, three or four items that allow resellers to get products in bulk, also individual buyers can use the packs to increase their collection or use extra pieces as gifts for friends and family.

Not only the prices at Apparel Candy are incredibly low, there are many sales and discount codes to use while shopping through which you can get your desired products, even more, cheaper. Every new customer gets 15% off their first order. Even though the prices are incredibly low, the quality is never compromised at Apparel Candy. This is the reason that it attracts many customers all around the world.

Apparel Candy ships worldwide to many countries and the shipping charges are very affordable. Not only that, they also provide free shipping above 300$. You receive your order within 2-4 weeks at your doorstep and the shipping time is very reasonable. They have multiple payment options for their customer's ease and they also have different shipping options you can select according to your budget.

One of the best section to shop at Apparel Candy is Wholesale Perfumes & Cologne

Apparel Candy has a huge collection of sunglasses from Wholesale Vintage Sunglasses to aviator and classic to polarised. You can get any style and any design of sunglasses according to your liking.
So check out ApparelCandy and let me know what you think :)

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